October 29th, 2008


not quite fully engaged

Sorry for the delay in reporting my engagement (yesterday) to the lovely timscience. On a snowy October evening, no less, you don't often get to see that. But rest assured, if I were seeing you today, I'd be waving a ring at you. Smooth, silverish, modern, punctuated neatly by two tiny black diamonds.

Ah, I'll just show you, here:

engagement ring
engagement ring

We were going to wait to post pictures until we had both, but oh I just couldn't.

And there, I finally found a ring that wasn't too princessy. Ring shopping's pretty bizarre. We were offered tea by a man called Brian, had to fight the crew of Lewis for window space, and learnt a whole new language about rings (miracle setting, gypsy setting, cabuchon) which I like but which perhaps are not for me.

In answer to the obvious question, I'm marrying Tim because I want to, but if you want to take me to task for participating in outdated patriarchal ownership rites, please feel free. In answer to the next obvious question, next July, probably, but where is anyone's guess.

Things will probably become a little clearer after Friday, since although I'm engaged, technically speaking, we're only half engaged. On Friday I pick up Tim's ring (yes, it's made of titanium) and then we are fully engaged.