November 14th, 2008

big balloons

I'm sure it would be easier if there weren't so many dinosaurs

So, next week I'm signed up for Comica Comiket and I have Page 45 on the other end of the email wondering if I have any stock and I have pretty much nothing left. Reprint time, then. Or "printer-breaking season" as I prefer to term it. If I can find the originals, that is. Not so hard for the ones which are in the computer, but physical masters are a challenge to find in the house of sweeping papers. I've been looking on and off all week for a green folder, for example, as I have a vague memory of it containing something important. You see, I distinctly remember putting the masters for "Owl is Angry" somewhere clever so I'd be able to find them again easily, with the wholly predictable result that they are no-where to be found. Go ahead, laugh. I bring it on myself, after all.

And, in the meantime, happy friday from me and the very happy pigeon below. There was a tree full of them, all nomming down, and one flew at my head! Maybe they're just going for anything berry coloured at the moment. I saw a blackbird on the Firethorn this morning.

om nom nom