November 20th, 2008


up from the drawing board

In all the excitement over my missing guillotine (now found) and a whole bunch of stuff from work, I've somewhat forgotten the rather important thing I've been doing with Ellen and Sacha, which is the latest edition of Whores of Mensa, whose theme (vague as ever) is this time, "Ladies of Paris".

This is currently at the printers, and (I am touching an enormous block of wood as I say this) will I hope be ready for Comiket this weekend.

One of the most remarkable things about this episode has been the genius (if rather epic) idea (not mine -- I'm inclined to blame Mardou!) of having a cover covered with masses of portraits of Parisian women.

Here -- an exclusive. First glance at the cover, from the proof copy I have in my bag right now:

whores of mensa 4

WOM is an A4 comic, so all of those portraits, while tiny, are clearly discernable. On the back, we're pretending to be Eloise, in a posh Parisian hotel.
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If you'd like to look at the ladies I drew closer, and in more detail, I did a little gallery, with some more detail about who they are.