December 15th, 2008


shopping for presents, a date, some candied fruit

I had an odd little epiphany on Saturday while admiring a friend's awesome new coat while she talked about how she didn't think there was a living in selling vintage clothes. I said something along the lines of "you might not be able to make much money on it but maybe you can make enough to pay for the hours you would have spent on it anyway" and realised I wasn't talking about her and clothes but about me and gardening. So I got another client started on the Sunday. Shrubs to trim, dead annuals to clear and an invasive jasmine to trim into temporary submission. I wore the wrong gloves, like an idiot, and they soaked through and I ended up with a blister. I need a better gardening bag, that'll take more gear, a wider choice of gloves, a pot for cuttings.

On the way into work I picked up someone else's fortune from where they had dropped it on the street. "You will be famous" it said.