December 26th, 2008


merry christmasses

We ended up in Oxford for actual christmas, after all; we're heading south for family christmas tomorrow. On christmas eve we dropped by the registry office to sort out the announcement, thereafter wandering around town in a happy bubble until the panicked christmas crowds got too much. We remembered to drop by Whittards and tell them how glad we were they weren't closing down, after all. I was going to pick up some of their lovely chai, too, but the shelves had been stripped by panicked tea addicts. Christmas eve we spent listening to music, talking about SF and nomming down on supermarket snacks, which was just a very, very good way to spend the evening.

As christmas chimed in, damiancugley demanded that timscience opened his present. It would work better with an audience, he said. Said present is illustrated below, and NO LIE Teasel got into the little tank all on his own -- there's a few more pictures on the click through, including one of his tail disappearing into the tank!

respect my authority!

Happy christmas, all.