January 1st, 2009

2020 lack of vision

2009 - year of win and also fail

Just went back to check out how I did against last year's resolutions, and it wasn't bad, actually:

Put fifty owls a month into my savings account. WIN! I have saved money this year, and got my savings sorted out. According to various owl charities I can save an owl for as little as £1, and while I have not saved fifty every month (in fact, christmas saw me down by almost 50 owls) I've averaged more than that.

Volunteer to spend time with magic markers. WIN! I spent a day canvassing the opinions of young carers through drawing cartoon portraits of them and putting their pearls into the speech balloons. Bit of a shoo-in though, as I usually do something like that in any given year.

Give some shoes to charity. WIN! Shoes, shirts, skirts, t-shirts. Cups, glasses, bric-a-brac, even books. Bags of toys. This has been a year of taking things back to the charity shop, and I'm not done yet.

Cut down to ten trousers a day. FAIL. Actually, I'm not sure this one would be achievable by anyone bar a professional model or trouser tester.

Go doodling three times a week. WIN! I spent this year doodling daily, on last year's work diary, while waiting for the computers to start up at the beginning of each working day. Good exercise.

Ask my boss for a trivia. FAIL/WIN I've asked my boss for a variety of things this year, and got some of them.

Frankly, next year's resolutions seem somewhat alarming:

In 2009, cleanskies resolves to...
Cut down on my cartooning.
Give up doodling.
Find a new scotomata.
Tell my family about broken toys.
Backup my godzilla regularly.
Connect with my inner death.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I've really outsourced resolution to 43 things, anyway. I'm sure New Year's resolutions will be in as a feature for next year -- doubtless with slightly annoying functionality! Thank-you the site dedicated to self-improvement. Which just classified me as a "tree hugging money managing builder". I don't hug trees. I plant them.