January 6th, 2009

big balloons

so, not a snow day, then

Terrible dreams this morning; I was defending myself against weirdo serial killers in a suburban home with freaky trash sculptures out back in a sort of covered yard. The son was slow but very strong, the Dad sly and mean. There was a gang of people sat out back eating a meal alfresco, I felt embarrassed when I burst out on them, but they ignored me, just kept on eating, chatting. It came to me that they were in on it, and wouldn't help me, in fact they planned on eating me later. I was fighting back (with a small saucepan) and making some headway, but each time I got through a door (he'd taken the handles off, but there was a trick to it) the house got a room deeper. I was never going to make it to the front door, and even if I did, hadn't there been something going on out there, something bad, involving hats and box hedges?

It's beautiful out there, but cold. I cooked at the flat for the first time last night and managed not to set anything on fire. I'm back at work. I have a storage unit for stuff that won't go into the flat (Suzy, the daybed, the comics, my drawing board). Not to worry on the drawing board, though -- turns out one of Staples' bog standard desks is made of tempered glass this season. So, not only have I got a new desk that makes me feel like a supervillain and offers endless comedic cat-sliding opportunities, but it also doubles as rather a good light table.

I'm stroking it and going bwa-ha-ha-ha as I type this.

up the junction (this week's strip)

I had my eyes checked today. As it turns out, my very mild astigmatism exactly cancels out my slight short sightedness. There's been a fantastic optical illusion added to the test since I last did it where you're looking at white strips of light apparently floating in the middle of the room!

For anyone who has missed it, Yo Sushi is on 40% off at the moment. I've lost the link though, and will have to edit it in later... ETA, it's here, thx Andy

Oh, and also there is This Week's Strip. It's a bit grim, sorry. But there you go.

white night in january -detail
white night in january -detail
Stile, to-do-lists, etc.


moments between posts - lolcations

This also happened today:

  • 08:19 No snow day for us; the sky is high, pale, cold, brittle and absolutely clear, sunrise lighting contrail scratches pink, gold, then white.
  • 16:35 Just read "locations" as "lolcations". Now imagining a small kitten on a map saying "oh hai i is here". Must find out if it exists already!
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