January 19th, 2009


moving on up (the hill)

I have moved precisely six minutes up the hill. I know how far it is because I've walked it so many times. Most things have come across now, the rest is boxes.

Fate, like a laughing joker, has rewarded us by lifting the veil of economic gloom just a little, and letting spring air (or at any rate, the angry January equivalent of same) in to land offers on doormats. Offers that are not too horrendously less than we hoped.

So, just as we gave up the ghost on ever getting anywhere with selling the flat, and I decided to move in anyway, a tiny wave has begun to spread through the Oxford housing market, fanning the ambitions of property investors great and small. One of the smaller ones has put a bid down here. We have another on consideration elsewhere. So watch this space, and watch out for another change of address message later this year, once the slow wheels of property negotiations have passed.

In the meantime, for the next few months at least, you may find me at Tim's place. The guy I'm marrying in August. Except for next Sunday, of course, when I'm housecooling. If you've only just tuned in, have missed some email updates or announcements (check your spambin, I've been using the BCC field) or just want to know how the hell I'm going to get your book/comics/objet de whatever back to you now, please comment below and I'll elucidate.

P.S. Warren Ellis has been up to some internet hijinks today, demanding that everyone send in gloomy photos of themselves holding up a sign of miserableness, so I sent him a lovely picture of a kitten. It was the least I could do.

(The kitten in question is the first of of my 2009 Calendar Kittens, and damnit, they've found another sad cold kitten for January!)