January 30th, 2009


good grief, do I need *another* lie down?

Thanks, girlycomic, for the lovely you-missed-zinefest care package. I've read the zine, the bit about preparing for meetings was esp. good and I'd like to pass it on to a friend... and the quench the stench will doubtless see more use as my cast ages, like a fine cheese shut up jeremy

Miffed to be missing the Space Heroes gig tonight, but I'm still not really healed enough for more than an hour or two away from my pile of pillows. I'm forcing myself to rest by listening to CDs I've not heard for a while, with the arm propped up, as slumping on a sofa doesn't come naturally.

Oh, my mum also sent me a comic. It contains the odd factual inaccuracy -- that I was conscious while they repositioned my wrist, e.g. which (mercifully) I wasn't, but it's broadly accurate. And madly cute! My mum rules.

owl's bad day - detail
owl's bad day - detail
It's factual and true.

P.S. I got to the end of my typing tether before I could add that my mum fell and broke her wrist about a week before I did. Although hers was the sort of break you carry around for a week thinking it's a sprain, rather than the sort that has A&E nurses smiling brightly and offering to cover it up with a blanket. Help me I'm injury competing with my mother
2020 lack of vision

I found a jumper that would go over the cast!

sling off
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Well, I say jumper, but anyone with a more accurate designation, feel free to step in, as it's not like any jumper I've ever seen. It reminds me a bit of this memorably bonkers fashion article I read in Just 17 sometime in the 80s which suggested that you could double your wardrobe by wearing clothes upside down or on the wrong limbs, cotton tops as harem pants, leggings as a stunning headdress, baggy pants as a bolero jacket, that sort of thing. I've actually tried to put it on upside down a couple of times, all the usual signifiers of direction in clothing are reversed or otherwise borked. Except the label, which says "Hoxton Chic" on it. I guess I'd understand if I were sufficiently indie. Yes, I am wearing armwarmers. My arms are cold.