February 24th, 2009


not as cast free as I hoped

It was busy in trauma today. Four weeks since that icy patch and everyone back for follow ups, casts off, x-rays and pins out. 121 patients! They'd printed up notices and everything. As a fracture newbie I don't know what's good or bad anyway -- 1 hour wait, 3 x-rays, a 30s consultation, pins yanked out with a pair of surgical pliers (sans anaesthetic) -- good or bad? I have nothing to compare it to. I do, however, have a delightfully gruesome souvenir -- my pins. Haven't decided what to do with them yet. A macabre earring?

I also have another cast. I wonder how many people go for red on their second visit? Sod looking pretty, give me visibility.

two words
two words
oh bum.