April 9th, 2009


haul of minicomics, w/reviewlets

It looks like my Easter break is going to be mainly spent seeing estate agents/solicitors/mortgage advisers, but I guess that's OK, as at least it's to some purpose now. I had some idea of taking timscience round to see (some of) the various bits of my vast family he's not met yet, but there just aren't turning out to be enough days. Never mind, more time for chores. Today I fixed the grouting!

Now to the loot-shot from this year's Web and Minicomic Thing. I think this is an idea I stole from mondoagogo, or possibly jinty -- a review photo. Click on through and mouseover for short reviews and links to all of the comic's websites -- lots of them are webcomics so be warned! There's a lot of time-eaters on the click-through!

haul from the small press thing

I only made it half way round the hall before brain and wrist gave up entirely. Just as well for the sake of my wallet, really.