May 9th, 2009


ghosting through

So I was sitting at the bar talking to some of the usual crowd and lynn about the health risks of being a comics creator, and I remembered last night and talking about just how long it takes to produce a comic, and how you might set about obtaining that time. I've not been so good with that recently and i have a build up of strips awaiting finishing. Last week's is fun! But alas, not even inked yet. Anyway, there was kev o'neill signing his new book and a guy in an amazing latex green lantern costume and bar staff dressed as batman and the joker, and oh you know. They are what they used to be, comics conventions. Exactly what they used to be. Comics, they take so long to draw that by the time you get to the last panel you're already nostalgic for how you used to feel about the characters back when you drew the first.

Then I nipped over to the other hotel, where the small press was not making any spedial fuss about being as big as the mainstream now.

[Written between Didcot and Oxford, I may have to practice a bit before I get elegant on the tiny screen].