June 26th, 2009

2020 lack of vision

wedding anxiety dream

Had a wedding anxiety dream this morning. I was running around in a chemise trying to get stuff sorted. In a corridoor, I ran into Wolverine, in a foul mood and a short red tunic, one of the honour guard of superheroes holding flaming torches aloft. I was glad to see he was ready, but remembered that I had to get the torches into the main hall. The entrance had flames on either side of the stairs which was fun, what with the floaty chemise and the armful of highly flammable torches. In the main hall, some Duke was trying to force my Dad to abdicate on threat of ruining my wedding. 'I have 80 men poised to kill everyone in this room... Blah blah blah.' From the look of the place this sort of shit had been going on all morning. I stormed over to him, pushed him down the stairs in mid bwa-ha-ha and started beating him to bits, yelling 'WHO'S THE BRIDE!!??'