July 17th, 2009


la gentrification, c'est nous

Woken up at 6.15am by a very polite policewoman looking for someone who doesn't live here any more, if he ever did (certainly not one of the previous owners). Nothing like a quick dawn raid precursor to get your weekend off to a thrilling start.

Speaking of thrilling starts, though, I just realised I have my scanner-set up sorted now. Not mention piles of old sketchbooks in the new old sketchbook pile. But, shock! There's something already on the glass. Of course -- I started doing doodles based on people's twitters.

Now I just need to get the desk clear enough for colouring. At the moment it's a bit cluttered with: some cables which might be important, a roll of packing tape, a playmobile pirate table, a phone cosy in the shape of a lobster, three tiny fairy tales in a box, a keyring bible, a moneybox in the shape of a time capsule, a green envelope full of wedding RSVPs, a body spray given to me by girlycomic, a Gundam, three godzilla monsters (one holding a mirror ball), an ink stone, a mini crayon set, some polaroids, a pile of bills, some CDs I might be getting rid of, a sketching pencil, some sealing wax, a shell, a penguin, a velociraptor and a frankly puzzling porcelain worm that functions as a pen rest as and when I have space to use a pen*.

iamjamesward on oversized sweet potatoes
iamjamesward on oversized sweet potatoes
This is what happens when I click on the star next to your twitter.

*Be thankful I spared you the full list.