July 19th, 2009


pedalo punting in a pretty dress

Thank you to jinty, motodraconis, badasstronaut, tinyjo, squigglyruth, geroge and J, E and C in absebtia, supplier of more fizz than we could drink, even when egged on by an overexcited T-rex skeleton after hours at the Natural History Museum.

For the river, jinty worked her usual magic on the weather, and we were able to punt in sunshine! Pedalo punts are slightly lethal, also very indiscreet for skirts and dresses. We attracted photographers, though that may have been the fault of motodraconis's brilliant picnic set. Then we went to the pub, and then off for high tea and thence to the brilliant surprise, which consisted of knocking on a door marked "closed" and being admitted into the museum after closing time for a treasure hunt through the skeletons and dioramas.

T-Rex Chairs the debate.
Originally uploaded by motodraconis.

So, now I have a new dilemma for the wedding; which of the exquisite glittery dinosaur corsages should I wear?