August 18th, 2009


corner bath of awesome

corner bath of awesome
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

I just had a bath. This bath, to be exact, and almost the first bath I've had since we moved into a house with just a shower. I know a lot of people feel cleaner after a shower, but for me the reverse is true; I never feel truly clean unless I've soaked out the dirt. I'm clean now. It's lovely.

Obviously there's still a bit of work to do (I don't really favour the faux squat look) but the most important part of the room is in situ, plumbed in and fully operational. Even better, the bath can be comfortably shared! We had to buy it sight unseen from a broker on the internet (it's an odd size) and I was a bit nervous that it would turn out to be a lot smaller than we expected. We'd done all the stuff with diagrams and bits of tape on the floor and so on but that can be deceptive.

Turned out though, that we'd been pessimistic. It's not too big for the room nor too small for two; it's just right.