August 24th, 2009


I interrupt your viewing for this important update

Sunday's new name is Harlequin.-************* and, as you can see, she's already working on her keyboard skills. She panicked the heck out of me by pissing nowhere visible for about 24 hours, but that's sorted now, so hurray. Teasel's stalking around with a mortally wounded air but I sang him a song this morning and now he's back to purring, so hopefully a few day's peace will restore him to his usual playful self. Yesterday I was seized by the what-if-she-dies, but this is something I'll have to deal with. Although I grew up around a lot of animals, I've never owned a pet. Harlequin is my first. I react to them more as a farmer; instantly I enter the stockman's struggle against sickness and death. She's helping me get over this by falling off everything in the room at the moment. Good Harlequin. Keep it up.

harlequin and lizard
harlequin and lizard
Me? Savaging it? Never!
kitten of DEATH!
kitten of DEATH!
Harlequin discovers the play value of the disco rave skull mask.


stuck in the studio with a very small kitten

Ooh, it's a hard life!

Inbetween kitten wrangling and fielding a roomful of raging plumbers (there were issues with the bath panel, some silicone where it shouldn't be and a metric/imperial disagreement betwixt overflow and waste), I yanked a likely-looking thing off the top of the pile, scanned it, and finished it.

Not this week's strip, more late april's strip, but hey, it's done, and looks more or less as I imagined it.

More days like this please; I even got round to potting on OMG nectarine.
apres moi,  la deluge - detail
apres moi, la deluge - detail
In which I walk by the river


moments between posts - sleeping kitten next to open window

This also happened today:

  • 17:18 ggghhhcdxxx8x4e5w35555555eeeeeeeee5fr44444gtffffffff4rrrr3333w2222222
  • 17:20 New kitten has also found the function keys. Web browsing will never be the same again. Go chase animated gifs, Harlequin! Good girl.
  • 17:52 Just left a sleeping kitten next to an open window. It sounds like a proverb: a sleeping kitten next to an open window is only partly safe.
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