August 25th, 2009


moments between posts - stuffed with incident

This also happened today:

  • 10:17 On the towpath, seven firemen walking back, toting fire extinguishers, a river pump slung between them. No sign of whatever they put out.
  • 15:03 In the rain, a man all in shades of lavender, cloud-coloured umbrella; two students sat on steps, rainbow-striped umbrella; me, no umbrella.
  • 15:21 @j4 That rickshaw's seat looks a bit harsh, and I think you'd get TAXI-ed by drunk hippies. Also, banned in Jakarta means dangerous, right?
  • 15:22 @simonplotkin I read "House of Leaves" while moving into and repairing a house that had been empty for some time. Eventually, I had to move.
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