August 29th, 2009


moments between posts - mount snowdon ascended

This also happened today:

  • 09:04 Breakfast. We're the only people under 60. At the door, 'hurry it up!' behind us. It's a little old man impersonating a spaniel, quite well.
  • 13:51 Only got hold of the guide book after the old slate works, too late to yell abort! on one of the interesting routes up Mount Snowdon. Scree!
  • 13:53 Have found all the views! Feasting on mini jaffa cakes and trying to spot an afanc in the reservoir. Clouds closing in, could get wet soon.
  • 14:53 Nearly at summit, sitting by the waystone in a raincloud in my waterproofs like a grumpy elf, steeling myself for the mountaintop crowds.
  • 15:27 Just saw a red-legged partridge on top of mount snowdon. Also about fifty-nine dogs and a liverpudlian in pedal pushers. Better her than me!
  • 16:29 In the cloud, no visibility. Unseen the train approaches engine noise through mist which becomes stream blows toward us gone with a whistle.
  • 17:04 Coming down the tourist trail. Ugg boots are the high heeled flipflops of Snowdonia.
  • 23:01 Light fading. Cold water falling from sky. Tired, hungry, footsore, sick of sky, sheep, mountains. Also (yay) in car heading back to hotel.
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