August 31st, 2009


warning : excessive robot kitten action

So, Snowdon. Quite tall, really. We went up the Watkins Path and down the Llanberis Path which (according to this page comes to about 13.5 miles -- although with the various bits of goggling at views and taking little detours (planned and otherwise) it probably was the 14 I guessed when we spread the map out on the centre stone of a random stone circle we found next to a cricket pitch in the nerest town to Cadair Idris. We went halfway up that one, too, in the pouring rain -- slippery stone steps to rain-shrouded glacial lake -- before the rain beat us back home again. We stayed in Llandudno, Queen of the Welsh Resorts, in a hotel without any potable coffee, which made me grumpy. On Snowdon, the cloud and rain came down at some point during the scramble up the final "loose and very steep" portion of the path. Still, with pensioners, toddlers, tiny dogs and a blind guy storming past me, panicking wasn't really on.

I have a bunch of photos, but I'll not bore you with them. Here's Pleocatra and Harlequin sharing a moment instread.