September 4th, 2009



This morning, back on phoning banks again, having slowly and annoyingly confirmed from all parties that a balance transfer and a direct debit were not going to tidily synch but instead would sail majestically past each other, in the wrong direction. Irritatingly, I'm fairly sure I remember the Direct Debit being a bit earlier than I expected last month, and getting an odd error message when I corrected the dates on the Standing Order, and mentally marking both these as something to investigate. I was a bit busy though, and I didn't until the 1st of this month, by which time that three day delay while funds clear (which I forgot) was entirely sufficient to snafu the payment, and the DD couldn't be delayed because it was already "in the system". Bloody hell! I now have a list, written down, of the five things I need to do to avoid defaulting this month and to make sure that everything has time-and-to-spare to clear next month. But, aaargh and bah! Also, something about the tone of the Adviser's voice made me unable to shake the conviction that she was expecting to hear back from me very shortly, to explain *again* how I absolutely had the money, it was just a cashflow problem... hohoho

Enough of this. Have one of these instead. This week's -- well, it was written in early July actually -- anyway, it's a sad one, about bereavement, so skip it unless you want that.

a strip from late june