September 7th, 2009


happy lovely weekend of win

Saturday morning was very exciting! The cats had an enormous rumpus, and then we let Teasel out and he cornered a young rat under a flower pot! Alas, we shall never know how that story ended, as right at that moment we needed to hie us to the amazing unwedding of jinty and tortipede.

The event was at the Goose in Britwell Salome, a place of notoriously delicious food. I went all English with things like sea bream, samphire, and pike. It was all delicious; no bad choices. The toilets (always an indicator of quality) were painted a lovely shade of goose turd green and decorated with rather good cartoons. There were speeches, although unfortunately Jenni's dad removed her fascinator (he'd borrowed it from her earlier) before giving his. Shame, I thought it gave him a certain je ne sais quoi.

In the evening, even more people turned up and there was even more lovely food. I got asked "are you still doing your, um, art?" for the first time in years (hurrah!) and we were repeatedly shown an amazing robot pen which I may have to film for the internet (timscience having immediately marched out and bought his own>). Everyone was there, even dickon_edwards. Apparently on his way home, someone leaned out of a taxi and yelled "Oy Malfoy! Expeliamus!"...

The following day I broke up concrete, carried out the rubble, plastered up a bit of bare wall, tidied the shed (and checked it for rats (and found none), helped timscience get the filing cabinet upstairs, planted out some plants, moved some which weren't thriving, harvested the seed from my Datura, broke up the veg for the year (not enough light any more) and had a first stab at my beecd.

It'll be the last beecd, so I'll need to find another CD compilation swapping circle. Or start one. Anyone fancy doing that? Turns out making compilations with a kitten on your lap makes the sad songs much easier to cope with.

P.S. I found a crayfish on my way into work today, so I used one of those Dreamwidth invite codes to create urbangreenwatch which should please (checks the poll) Wow! Five of you! That's loads! Anyway do look, add, etc. I'll be adding to it as often as I find something interesting to say about wildlife in the city (which should be fairly often).