September 10th, 2009


oroborus kitten heart

oroborus kitten heart
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis
Yaaargh I am tired, ill tired. Brain in cotton wool fug, constant nausea, slight headache, achey muscles, and tired! Even going upstairs exhausts me! Came home from work last night collapsed into bed as the cats fought around me (they are fighting rough and tumble style rather than extreme violence style -- nothing to worry about I think), hauled myself out again to eat lovely food (nothing wrong with my appetite) and then just sat like a knackered jelly under a purring kitten all night. Jonathan Meades was talking nonsense on the telly (Off Kilter) so this was quite enjoyable, but there is a list, quite a long one, of things I should be doing. I did do a few of them, but not the difficult ones.

Still, the purring kitten did at one point curl herself up into a heart shape and hold her own tail in her mouth, see right -- in which my camera (in the hands of timscience) turns out to be unexpectedly set to video.