September 11th, 2009


kitten in the garden what am I gonna do?

Taking a brief break from packing (I'm moving office) to finish off a few things. Including posting this week's strip -- in the jungle.... -- which (for once) definitely is this week's strip (written and drawn this week in tiny spaces between waving ribbon for kittens and recycling five years' worth of very important papers) and therefore the first, yes, the first ever Jeremy Day comic.

Last night the kitten got out through a window I'd forgotten was open. She was half-way to freedom when I called her back. She came (to her name, and a tapping pencil -- like any good artist's cat, she loves pencils) but as I hugged her and fussed her and shut that damn window I was seized with worry about what terror my little havoc might rain down on my back garden. It doesn't look like it could harbour much wildlife, but there's the squirrel and the doves and the jackdaws; the long-tailed tits that tumble in the trees along the back and a robin or a wren somewhere, I've heard it, not to mention mad squirrel which chitters on the corner of the house and buries hazelnuts in my plant pots. Will I see them as often when there's a kitten in the yard? Or will I just see more of them?

in the jungle....
in the jungle....
confronting my kitten anxieties head-on

E.T.A. In the jungle... is also available as a minicomic. Let me know if you want one.