October 7th, 2009

Harlequin kitten

kitten diaries continue (part 1)

I have, for reasons related to a certain person on my friendlist, two small clay models of anatomically incorrect [...]s. One is a slightly sordid red, and the other (virginal white) marks the point at which she (while reaching for her paints) realised that she'd put the [...] in the wrong [...] and would have to start all over again. For reasons that escape me, the red one is full of those tiny goggly glue-on eyes, while the white one contains a single plastic pearl.

Last night I became aware that my toes were resting against something in the bed. I fished it out and identified it, by touch, in the dark, as the white [...], and returned it to a higher shelf along with a mental note to check for other small ornaments accessible to tiny kittens. It was too late to ponder the unponderables, such as why a certain small kitten should have picked it up, played with it a bit, and then stowed it under the end of the duvet, or where the pearl had ended up (hopefully not inside her).

This morning (to my relief) Tim found the plastic pearl. Then I had to explain what had happened to him. His comment: the wrongness, it multiplies.

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