October 13th, 2009


Beer! Audioscope! Owltober!

Amazing sunset tonight. I was busy breaking concrete, it's nearly done. I left the back door temptingly open and the kitten figured out the catflap, so I went back to a more gentle task (collecting clematis seeds) while I kept an eye on her. Just goes to show that she can figure it out, given sufficient motivation. I took her back inside when she started snifffing the special bits of the flowerbed. Not before I'd trod in a mess of laurel berries, though, and they'll stain anything I walk on. Our nervous noisy blackbirds are slacking, those berries should be stripped from the tree.

Hot on the heels of Hotel Chocolat, a luxury Fudge Emporium is opening on Broad Street, next to the surf shop that was the Oxford Story. I am not euphemising! It's where there used to be a luxury clothes shop where I looked at the price of a belt once. Oxford; city of sweeties.

I'm going to the Beer Festival on Friday. I'm going to Audioscope on Saturday.

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