October 24th, 2009


in the garden

I was filing and eating jam sandwiches earlier. I hope that's not a decision that comes back to haunt me. The jam in question is Fortnum and Mason's Passion Fruit Preserve, a wedding present that just keeps on giving. The filing was going from the temporary box into the permanent filing cabinet. I was going to chuck out the bad reviews and only keep the good ones but in the end I just shoved them all into the new drop file unread. Just history.

Then the kitten decided things would be improved if she filed herself in the filing box, and adult cat took umbrage at her silliness and it's a wonder I got the filing done at all, really. And that the kitten escaped without being tucked into a transparent sleeve, under K. But I did. I also had time to finish breaking the concrete out back. Can't be arsed to do anything with it though so I've just planted green compost (grazing rye -- another wedding present!) over the lot. It'll look a bit odd, but it should do wonders for all that compacted clay. If the rats and mice don't eat the seeds before they get to do anything, of course.

Just as I was shoving a fork through the last of it, the sky clouded over above; but to the west, the sun streamed though, yellow white and bright, lighting the clouds and a flock of seagulls tacking into the wind, pale against the dark sky. Rain spattered down as I put my tools away and the wind got up, thrashing the trees. Behind the pale gold bellies of the last of the seagulls, a double rainbow shone against the dark clouds. I watched them fly west, darkening to black sillouettes like scraps of ash against a sea of white fire.

dogwood leaves