November 8th, 2009


moments between posts - comiket scrapbook

This also happened today:

  • 01:52 Home with a head full of unexpected encounters. A fox gallops across the road. Mist up from thhe river. Nightbus, i missed.
  • 11:25 Have/decided it's cold enough for duvet coat. Am on my way to comiket. Have bag full of minicomic making kit as I have suffered maker fail.
  • 13:12 In the press of poppies, rain, medals he carries autumn leaves, holds his son's hand. I smile; unconsciously he waves them, like a child.
  • 21:30 Three girls in stylish coats take turns to photograph each other in a dramatic alcove. Unseen a brief discordant composition for carhorns.
  • 22:38 Charting comiket success by money remaining in wallet at end of day. About 5 down, after burger. Alas only achieved by rudely not buying.