November 10th, 2009


the comforts of clutter

At this time of year I go into dormouse mode, and start lining my nest with things. Shiny things, gleamy things, dreamy things, pretty things, tasty things. Like most British mammals, I don't entirely hibernate, but I like to spend a lot of time in my cosy nest, and I like my cosy nest to be well-lined, like a winter coat.

I think that being surrounded by beautiful, interesting things, things that remind you of good times, mementos and souvenirs, gizmos and gadgets and bit and bobs is deeply soothing --especially when the weather gets grim and going out seems like less and less of an agreeable prospect. You feel set up, taken care of. There's no shortage of entertainment and interest.

This isn't to say that I bring everything home, or that everything I bring home I keep. There's a world of difference between despairing clutter and that excresecence of mindfulness, that fills the homes of people who love stuff.

It's time for late harvest now, time to look at all of those random things that have followed me home in spring and summer, and see what will stay, and what will be passed along. To ask of them the usual questions:

Is it beautiful?
Is it useful?
Does it make me happy?
Is it entirely itself?
Can it be used to make something else?
Will I actually get round to doing that?

And then some to keep, and some to pass on. Some to hold onto and some to let go. Until everything is in its place (more or less) and the whole happy round can start again.

moments between posts - post office still scary

This also happened today:

  • 09:23 When you own a kitten, not only is there no point crying over spilt milk, it becomes a cause for celebration.
  • 09:40 Love getting the number 16 to work. I checked on googlemaps; the route's no longer, and I get trees and rivers instead of shops and spires.
  • 13:12 In the post office queue. The floor is wipe-clean now, and the bureau de change has morphed into a terrifying biometrics booth.
  • 13:18 It's a bit quieter and less scary than it used to be, under the shiny black eyes of the cctv, but no faster. I shall be late back to work.
  • 13:29 Had to edit from 'a lot less scary' to 'a bit less scary' as still some tattooed nutjob was muttering and trying to tear up the barriers.