November 12th, 2009


Eddie Campbell at Comica, part 2

As promised, page two of the notes. I was increasingly distracted by the yarn-spinning by this stage, so it's a bit thinner. The gay bingo happens regularly at the ICA, and is (it seems) raucous enough to float up to the ?third ?fourth floor, and occasionally a call intruded a little. We had to leave via the back door to avoid it, later.

The interesting things here (to me) are Eddie talking about how he makes mistakes when talking that he can avoid when the narrative is confined within the frames of a comic; and that small, supposedly unimportant things can still make for legendary tales and astonishing stories.

In other news I've discovered what kitten for "stop eating the kangaroo paw flowers" is. You should point at the kitten and say "joob joob joob joob joob" in an outraged tone. No idea if it works for other cut flowers.

Eddie Campbell at the ICA 2
Eddie Campbell at the ICA 2
He was talking about fraud and creative accountancy.


moments between posts - winter river, crepitus, bumflash

This also happened today:

  • 09:08 Walking alongside the river, grey coat open, showing my red/orange top. A robin, startled, starts to berate me; too close to his hawthorn!
  • 09:14 A small boat called disco volante; flutter of long-tailed tits; mumble of geese fluffed up for winter; muddy colours on moving water; gulls.
  • 14:12 Oops- abrupt silver tide of pensioners just as we're discussing which is most blatant: whale tails, arse antlers or the bumster pantflash?
  • 21:12 Combating crepitus of the knee with ibuprofen, elevation and stripy knee-warmers. May also apply kitten or microwavable triceratops later.