November 18th, 2009


spambots are giving me advice!!!

There's a new spambot which I'm going to call Hi You. It sends a single line of advice and a link to a dodgy site in Russia. While the link is clearly useless (unless you hunt and study viruses I guess) the advice does often occasionally once in a blue moon hit the nail squarely on the thumb:

What if you try eating vegetables instead of fast food? Taking pills is easier!

I think this one was actually meant for oxfordhacker. I'm not much of a fast food fan, to be honest, and keep forgetting to take my pills.

Pay attention in order not to let yourself soak in this depression forever!

Wise words indeed, though you neglected to tell me what to pay attention to. I think it's probably equally important not to pay attention to some things. Perhaps you meant: pay attention to [nice things] and do not pay attention to [nasty things] in order not to let yourself soak in this depression forever?

How much money have you already spent on useless things?

Oh, masses. I bought a pair of jeggings on saturday! They are helping to keep my knees warmed and compressed though, so perhaps they're not (strictly speaking) useless. The glucosamine is probably open to debate. And the tiny green dolls shoe with a pompom on it that Harlequin decided to carry downstairs yesterday. She does love her tiny shiny things!

Sometimes the pain killer youre used to doesn't agree with your stomach

A timely warning. I'm trying to keep my painkiller consumption down, but I don't actually have ulcers yet. I'm sure I'll be fine. Also, well done for getting one apostrophe in there, but you really needed two.

In other news, my head is killing me. I got a migraine sparkle this morning, I wonder if the real thing is to follow? I thought I was done with all that.

moments between posts - tree down on the towpath

This also happened today:

  • 09:29 There's a tree down on the towpath. Someone's already torn a bicycle-sized hole in the branches. I pick my way through twigs and birdsnests.
  • 09:57 Wind has swept leaves from the hedges. Through a gap, two magpies foraging in deep brown leaves, sideways glance of iridescent suspicion.
  • 18:12 In awe @j4 and her tree-tearing ways. Also at the amazing new automatic tellers in oxford post office. And at nearly but not losing my hat.