November 23rd, 2009


whereas I surround myself with...

Well, obviously I wasn't at Thought Bubble this weekend. I hear good things of it, though. Mostly about alcohol. Must be the difference in price per pint between London and Leeds.

Instead I was at home, doing a bit more gardening-for-pay, nursing my knee (it's improving, and at this rate may recover before I get to see a doctor) and trying out my new heated drying rack from Coopers of Stortford (the Innovations Catalogue's sensible big brother). It has of course been christened kitty paradise, and now its primary purpose (drying clothes) is secondary to providing a toasty perch for tiny kittens.

This week's strip, Epiphany on Queen Street, is (of course) not this week's strip at all, we're going to be in the catch-up zone for a while. It in fact dates from the second or third week in July of this year, and is therefore a Jeremy Dennis strip, not a Jeremy Day strip. More of this nonsense to follow. For now, though, a dubious realisation:

Epiphany on Queen Street (detail)
Epiphany on Queen Street (detail)
This one has philosophical issues.

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