November 29th, 2009


oh the excitement

In last night's epic rainstorm, water started coming through unexpected parts of the back door. I knew it needed some attention, but you know how it is. You're looking for decent weather, when you're not doing anything else, and a clear space of 4-6 hours. What are the chances?

I feel rotten, like a poor protector of the household. While I'm off messing around with -- well, work, mostly -- I'm slacking on the chores which keep the house safe. Well, I have a pile of items waiting to be deployed now -- putty, wood filler, exterior waterproof woodstain. Now I just need a break in the rain, and a few hours, in daylight, when I'm not doing anything else...

Tourist stuff this weekend, as visitors were in town; Oxford Castle Unlocked, the new Pitt Rivers, the Natural History Museum. The new Pitt Rivers is eerily similar to the old one, except for the amazing wow moment when you first enter the musuem and see that enormous totem pole. Even the key pieces (the mummy, the Papuan feather cloaks) are in the same place. The Natural History Musuem has some new insects upstairs; leaf-mimic caryatids, beautiful and bizarre. Oxford Castle Unlocked is somewhat gruesome and creepy; the tour guide lingered on the horrible history of torture, execution, plague and punishment. I was worried, but it seemed to be fine for a five-year-old.

The knees got a savage pummelling from a nice doctor who reports some inflammation but no obvious ligament damage. She suggests a wear-and-tear injury complicated by over-exercise and periods of inacivity, advises regular gentle exercise and ibuprofen to control pain and inflamation for a month and then further investigations if the problem is persisting. Which sounds fine to me (and pretty much what I was doing already).