December 8th, 2009


paranoid cartoonist pursued by big black birds

Oh, I'm lagging on the scanning, and everything is ending up out of order. Not that that's any sort of excuse for posting a strip that was written sometime in mid 2006, and it obviously hasn't been waiting in the scan-me pile all that time. It's been languishing pencilled bar the first panel where the ink (long since thrown away for being shit) had spread, while I couldn't decide if that irritatingly ruined first panel meant that I should redraw the lot. No, of course not, it's fine, just shove a wash on it. Hence, this week's strip from over three years ago. Ink washes are lots of fun when a kitten is helping! I ended up having to wipe ink off her nose.

I've had enough of the bad dreams thank you
I've had enough of the bad dreams thank you
An old strip from a few years ago.


moments between posts - walking home from work

This also happened today:

  • 17:34 A man approximately twice my height and half my width just swayed past wearing a hat vaster and fluffier by far than mine and how he stared.
  • 17:58 Walking home along the main road; winter raining route. Striding women with short hair and sensible shoes keep overtaking me.