December 10th, 2009


despatches from autumn mornings - last week's strip

I tried to catch a little sunshine during lunch hour today. No chance. Though the sky was clear blue, even at half-past midday, the sun was so low I could only catch a few pale rays in Gloucester Green. Bonn Square and most of Cornmarket was in shade. Season of shadows, it is here. And so to last week's strip, the first of the two I drew in the moleskine-a-like. Not on the bus, this time, though; on the tow path, among the geese and dead leaves and the twittering flocks of long tailed tits and the clusters of drinkers who gather on the benches even on bitter mornings like these. The ribbon got in the way of the scanner so I left it in, why not.

time slows down - detail
time slows down - detail
Season of hoodiness and endless damp.


moments between posts - sludgegulper, kitttens, lush

This also happened today:

  • 08:31 Faint cheers from out in our street: I see, hear a sludgegulper inch nervously past the parked cars. Someone whistling. The smell will go.
  • 08:36 Describing sudden kitten (gallumphing upstairs for share of fuss) fall down twixt elephant and antelope; she's rushing like an envelope.
  • 08:43 @jpstacey Lush employees are victims of their environment, brainwashed to happy, maddened by constant fumes, should evoke tolerance not ire.
  • 23:35 They are sleeping side by side on my day bed: black cat on red sheepskin, black-and-white kitten on black-and-white cushion. Peace, briefly.