December 11th, 2009


and now, back to 2005...

...and Totentanz, a monster of a strip I never had the right moment to post, which needed endlessly redrawing (this is the third version) and which contains an issue I think I still didn't adequately communicate, even then. Never mind, it's of its time, finish it, put it up. I remember trying to explain this to someone (Sina?) and realising I needed to put it into a strip. I persistently referred to it as Tottentranz, and it stayed half drawn for ages, stopped on "oh... what to say this time"). There's a version of the artwork with that name instead, a nonsense word garbled from the german for dance of death. I can't decide if I like the misspelling or the right spellng better. Never mind, on with the show.

Totentanz - detail
Totentanz - detail
With ink and skellington