December 16th, 2009


moments between posts - computer woes, office party, confusion

This also happened today:

  • 08:46 One quick thing before I leave the house mutates angrily into startup repair, the chilling warning; this might take several minutes.
  • 08:55 System restore, now. Who knew listening to Air could have such a terrifying result? Ah, hello. Still bust, hmm? Well, I have to go to work.
  • 17:34 Spent christmas office party sat opposite the polish apprentice re-enacter. Note to self: do not match drinks when hopelessly outgunned.
  • 19:50 Sheltering from rain in New Look, puzzling over crushed velvet loose-fit leggings, bodies in saggy grey ribbed cotton, barbie lipgloss sets.
  • 19:54 And then a soul power pop ballad revisioning of 'I've got soul but I'm not a soldier' starts up on the shopmusic CD. It has soft rap breaks.
  • 19:59 This is it, this is the moment after which I don't understand the modern world any more. I shall henceforth be always old and bewildered.