December 17th, 2009


insulation and other things

The insulation went in on Tuesday, and it's really taken the chill off the mornings, so that was well worth doing. The condensation continues problematic, though; well, it's a question of slow elimination of causes, I guess, and everything will help.

The kitten's beginning to crack the whole crawling into bed at 5am thing, although she can't quite manage to settle in the crook of my arm without waking me up at least a little bit. She also discovered that the bath is a marvellous miraculous playground of delight last night, so I got a little damp paw in my face. This morning Tim pulled up the amazing anti-mould bathmat, creating a series of explosive disengagements as the suckers released, and she now sees the bath as a place of terror. Flighty.

I've tracked down probable cause for yesterday's computer catastrophe to having to turn off the computer after a sound-related browser hang while it was going through an automatic security download. Hurrah! Had to go back to a restore point, but all that lost me was a codec bundle I downloaded so I could watch some Samurai Jack (late episodes! including Rave Jack!). Well, that's easily redone. Re-installing Firefox was also necessary (perhaps that, too had been updating?) but that turned out to be a good thing; it's running much better than it was before, making me wonder if I hadn't botched an update at some point. Hmmm oh well. It was a good thing I returned from my office party in a zen-like state of calmness, though, as this all took a while...

Bernard Cribbens was good in last night's Buzzcocks, wasn't he?