December 21st, 2009


oh flipping heck

Tim just phoned to say he's spent the last hour trying to get out of Amersham. Sleet here, snow there, the Ridgeway lies between. I really didn't know what to say; I've done the commute precisely once. Nothing's actually closed between there and here, looking at the traffic information, but there's lots of snow, ice and accidents. Find a pub or find a hotel and stay there, maybe? I suppose his car wasn't actually stuck or he would have phoned the RAC and not me. I suppose. His phone cut out abruptly and is now going straight to voicemail. I didn't even get the location.

... tries again ...

OK, the entire traffic queue is making similar calls and the cell is winking on and off. Well, he has a working phone and he made it up Gore Hill, and there's lots of people in the same pickle. I'd better put a stew on.