December 22nd, 2009


moments between posts - christmas observations

This also happened today:

  • 00:34 He returns with tales of stuck gritting lorries, pushing vans up hills and blizzards on the ridgeway, and is now bolting stew and green tea.
  • 09:19 An old lady in nice shoes inches the black ice pavement. Her waiting husband releases a soft tirade of complaints about all things not her.
  • 09:22 On the bus, everyone looks like (but isn't) a colleague. Perhaps some deep similarity is drawn on faces still working this close to chri ...
  • 10:09 @joellaox4 May the pleasures gifted by your new machine be highly efficient and punishingly economical.
  • 17:29 Just walked past a colleague in wellington boots and a very short skirt just photocopying one last thing before she left for the day.
  • 19:05 @sarahdal Yes, but let it cool thoroughly first.