December 26th, 2009

2020 lack of vision

happy kittenmas

Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis
Xmas: I'm watching Life on Earth. Oldschool Attenborough. I'm on amphibians and the photography is stunning. Forget this christmas nonsense, I'm celebrating Newtonmas like all good Scientific Rationalists. Experimenting to see how much I can consume. Falling over in recognition and celebration of gravity.

My sisters gave me owls for christmas. Tim gave me a playmobil fairy garden. I gave him playmobil Ghengis Khan. The Fairy Queen and Ghengis are getting along like a small isolated village on fire, details on Flickr. The box turned out to be kitten sized. Play the video to see.

We also gave the cats toys. Harlequin got two small hairy pink balls which sadly turned out not to be quite colorfast. Then mr_snips unwrapped his most glittery present in such a way that the wrapping paper formed a kitten-sized bag. So now I have a slightly pink, glittery kitten.