January 2nd, 2010


my own private resolution list

I made an absolute mass of resolutions last year and kept quite a lot of them, including serveral from the previous year. There were fails, however; eating out more and eating more (should have been less), sending more letters to friends and family (I sent a lot of wedding invites, but feel they don't count), wearing ear-plugs to gigs, and so on. I also signed off by saying, "I've really outsourced resolution to 43 things, anyway. I'm sure New Year's resolutions will be in as a feature for next year -- doubtless with slightly annoying functionality!"

Well, I was right about that...

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But, as ever, these are the resolutions that really matter:

In 2009, cleanskies resolves to...
Learn to play the ink.
Go cycling three times a week.
Go to the cartoons every month.
Become a better wine.
Apply for a new paper.
Spend less time on advice.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 09:30 On the London bus to try for Seizure. Fields white with frost, thin pale winter sunshine, pompoms of old mans beard, skeletal black hedges.
  • 10:55 At the elephant and castle shopping centre for the first time in about 10 years. She's let herself go a bit but the loos are still nice.
  • 11:37 Just out of bright blue wonderland seizure. In the queue a child panics. His imaginary friend orlando! they chase him up concrete stairs.
  • 12:48 At the statue of the unknown artist we are confused by the whir-whir-whir of servos until he starts to move, jerkily, dances with cranes.

inside it was blue roof landscape it was cold in there different blues

Seizure Flickr set.