January 3rd, 2010


my plants are dying because winter is here

I did my usual chore-bundle today, but it left me feeling kind of meh. Possibly it's an art hangover from Seizure and Pop Art at the Tate, or maybe it's some sort of capitalism exhaustion; one sale sign too many. But I think on balance it is becuase my plants are dying and there's little point in getting more; it's dark all day and barely above freezing. Nothing will grow. I drew a plan for the front garden, and chopped back the fir and the laurel but the beds look desperate and it's impossible to tell what is making it through the winter, and what is rotting, cells blasted open in the chilly freeze-thaw dampness.

Anyway, I made stew and it tasted good enough to be worth recording the recipe. Collapse )

And then, to bed.