January 18th, 2010


new ashmolean, new danger

Bye bye snow, I'm glad to see you go. Sun for the first time today, I spent pretty much all day outside (and now have a raw face. Should have put on suncream!) Just tidying up in the garden, mostly. I compressed my compost, chopped off dead slime that used to be leaves, cut back my perennials. Groaned at the state of the wet clay bed. It going to be a year of fighting my soil, I think. The rye grass is still weedy and puny, so much for green manure, maybe I should try the real thing instead. When it's a bit less wet.

A weekend of of gig going, volunteering at the bookshop (where I got to activate an emergency kit -- anyone interested in donating to help the aid effort in Haiti, all Oxfam's public donations will go to Haiti relief efforts for the duration of the DEC appeal -- Oxfam's usual job in these circumstances is water and sanitation, for those curious about where their donations will go) and sleeping fitfully while a cat purrs in my face.

Some photos from the weekend before, this is upstairs in the New Ashmolean (Watch out for that automatic revolving door on the way in! I jammed it through inappropriate pushing!) where they have architectural models scattered with frantic little plastic people, more on the click-through:

remodelling the ashmolean