January 20th, 2010


this week, I have mostly been ill

I'm still ill, actually. Mostly in the stomach, so I don't think it's flu. On Tuesday I attempted to cook Red Quinoa for the third and last time. It didn't take out all of timscience's digestive system in the way it seems to have done for mine, so there were presumably other factors, but frankly, that's it. I'm not buying Quinoa until I can get it from somewhere other than the health food aisle, because I can't cope with the roughage and toxins. I could when I was a kid; not now. Bloody M&S. For about three months, they stocked a delicious and eminently digestible Quinoa that tasted like a mixture of couscous, the finest lentils, and tiny fresh peas. It discontinued quickly, and I went scouring the shops for an alternative source, and yes, I have certainly found Quinoa. A flavourless, murky, mildly poisonous grain-bean filed in the free-from section. Bah!

I shall probabaly never be able to eat it again now. Even though I've spotted it in their pre-prepared salads (along with Orzo pasta -- another delicious thing which is pitiful when tracked down elsewhere). When I start eating again. That is. :[

Also photos: bookshop and gigs. Delphic, kites, nucleur bonkers, mirrors, pile o' science, b*by gr*vy, miniature gardens, chew lips

delphic at the o2 academy psychedelic kites!

someone threw out their paranoia mirrors at the o2 academy

pile o' science miss world queen

miniature gardens chew lips - jericho

moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 19:41 Weakly sipping watered-down slightly spicy butternut squash soup, closest thing in M&S to ordinary + unchallenging. I've been quite unwell.
  • 19:46 Gave kitten a taste of the butternut squash soup. She decides: best thing ever! begs for more. Mad cat! It does not even contain meat.
  • 19:54 Traced down odd noise to kitten chewing on the weight on the end of my turntable arm. Is she teething? Does she think it needs adjusting?