February 18th, 2010

2020 lack of vision

also, this:

Bwa-hahahaha at unexpected Oysters, surprise strawberry magueritas at the new Mission (comfy downstairs seating!), kitten smelling of fresh washing (again), clothes swapping evening of awesome win (orange jacket! shoes! skirt! trousers! necklace! a new coat!), happiness is a warm dinosaur, Animal Apocalypse!, green and pink orchid of beauty, our marvellous binmen, alas the poor liver (it was not cooked), laziest breakfast in bed ever, snowdrop and crocus envy, joys of staying in, cormorant of the thames, starlings return, wheelbarrow run up the garden terrace, our new drawbridge and oh a few other things:

common task at MAO volcano pursuing licorice allsorts
happy valentine's day cheap ruff

moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 13:36 On the top floor of offices over the Opium Den restaurant a man at the window looks out at grey rain falling, chin cupped in hands, resting.
  • 13:40 In the tiny alleyway a man with a hoe and a brush is scraping spring's first weeds and winter's moss fro between the multisized cobbles.
  • 13:43 Around a corner, suddenly a young man squatting where the alleyway widens, face flushed, damp eyes, as if some heartbreak recently happened.
  • 18:19 Darkly amused to see racks of knitwear sized 8-12 left on the sale rail of a retailer that failed to get the whole baggy cardigan concept.