February 21st, 2010


winter olympics report

Failed to get out at all this weekend. Too wiped from the drain digging, too twitchy from trying to get all the drainage bits and bobs covered. We now should have most of that run-off going into a water butt, a repaired gutter, and a trench to take the water that runs under the concrete. We'll have to see how it fares in a storm. There was one very rotten brick right at a point where surface water was draining through a mess of loose gravel and silt out from under the concrete. It's in exactly the right place to be our main culprit, but Damp Man will need to give us a second opinion of course.

The scavenged topsoil is now on the graden/in planters, there's early veg planted in them. Which reminds me, given that this place has had both dogs and cats kept in it, I'd better go wade through distasteful piles of people wittering irrelevantly about how to keep cats out off gardens (oh, shut up, that wasn't the question and no-one cares) in an attempt to find some actual information about potential problems with soil contamination. God, this is tedious.

Right, got it! "Peel and wash all root crops. Cooking them will kill the disease organisms."

Sheesh. My Grandad could have told me that. In fact, I think he did.

Also, it's Olympic season!

FIGURE SKATING! Sequins and schadenfreude in exquisite combination!

MOGULS! Boingie boingie boingie boingie wheeeeeeeeeeee!

SKI-CROSS! Has enough crashes to satisfy your need for CHAOS! Also has a jump called a Wu-tang!

Also, heck of manly hug from the British two man bobsleigh team after they crashed out. A real sports manga moment. Just saying.