February 24th, 2010


cardigan and kitten woes

My goodness it's mild today. Yesterday snow, today seedlings scrambling out of the soil, leaves breaking out on the trees and birds singing proper, loud, city-bird songs.

I absentmindedly went into Next kids yesterday. Studded goth shirts for little girls! I nearly bought some for my neices on the spot. Fortunately, I couldn't remember their sizes. Also, no money. I went downstairs to womens' to continue my fruitless search for a large, comfortable cardigan which doesn't look like someone knitted it out of muesli, mud and winter sky. No dice. There were cardigans with interesting prints -- tiny, skinny, short-sleeved cardigans. There were big cardigans, but mostly weirdly draped and short sleeved, and in miserable grey, dun and brownish colours. There were boring big cardigans in boring black -- and, incongruously, hot screaming bright pink. They'll end up on the sale rail.

The cats are having shenanigans. Again. But -- next tenovertwelver is in! Looks good :)

throughout the winter she never left her living room
throughout the winter she never left her living room
This one looks dreamy!

EDITED TO ADD: Wondering where I am? My address is in this locked-to-group post.