March 3rd, 2010


the many bewilderments of jeremy day

I think I must gently ignore the most recent friends enquiry I have on Facebook. She really does not look like one of mine. Or she might be from that illustrators community I was briefly involved in some years ago? Or 43 things? No, on balance I think that she was probably expecting another Jeremy Day altogether.

Speaking of which, surreal moment of the day comes in an email from "John Smith"

Hello Good Day,

I contact to make enquiry for mannequins. I will like you
to get back to me with the available Models and Price so that i can
make my selection and get back to you with the quantity that i may
need. Thank You and i will be await for your respond including your
name and contact number.

Thanks and Regards

Must be something to do with autons I suppose... ooh, and:

awww is cute
awww is cute
Here is another


moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 08:54 Two geese mate noisily on the water, as a pair of swans look on with studied disinterest, aristocrats amused by the antics of the locals.
  • 12:21 Japanese woman in a woolly winter hat, skinny grey jeans and an enormous flufffy coat, you are winter style fashion beauty perfection.
  • 15:03 Magpie on a post, trimming a willow twig to length for nest-building; I stop to admire its iridescent tail, it looks at me, flies away.
  • 18:09 In post-valentines cynicism, M&S has replaced all its couplish specials with offers aimed at single vegetarians. Amused but inconvenienced.