March 17th, 2010


green hair on St Patrick's Day

I've done it again. Thank goodness it was mostly hat weather. I did get something inexplicable said into my face by a Spanish school kid, but the music was on high and I drifted on by. It's impossible to be annoyed when Vikings are singing you songs about Ikea.

Out in the garden, the tiny miniature irises are out. The yellow ones are especially pretty, they have little freckles of blue. OMG Nectarine is about to burst forth in flower, the docks and dandilions are starting to make their presence known and something dark red is planning on flowering very soon indeed. The sun is coming back, and Harlequin wants to go out (even though things about the outside world scare her). On Sunday, she went along the verandah roofs, and ended up crying outside the window of the second neighbour but one. I think she thinks all upstairs windows lead to home. If only.

Anyway, I've finally finished it! Last week's strip, the seven rules of sofa club. Or there might be eight. Really, I forget. Sofa club really does not get hung up on such things.

everbody snooze!
everybody snooze!
Welcome to Sofa Club

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moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 18:38 New sweet shop on the high where book shop was. Time lord behind counter claims they've been open for 99 years, no toffee pillows, but oooh